Friday, July 05, 2019

New Paintings - Little Summer Gems

Summer I  -  6"x6"  -  acrylic on canvas  -  $75 + shipping

Stepping into Summer, officially, I wanted to take a break from the larger work and new website I'm designing (Yep, it's almost done! There will even be a print section! Just a few glitches to resolve :) ) and get back to a few small daily paintings - small, simple, festive works that represent the best the season has to offer.

The first of this series is "Summer I", an ode to my favorite summer fruit - WATERMELON.


I'd never painted watermelon before that I could remember, and I thought, "How hard could it be? Red, black, white and green. There are ribbons of color, patterns, highlights textures and things I never stopped to observe in a slice of watermelon. Probably because I was always too busy stuffing it into my mouth. I live in the desert. It's hot! We gobble down our cooling fruit. 

Anyway, it was a blast to paint and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The painting, that is. And watermelon, too, of course. ;)