Saturday, July 13, 2019

Four New Paintings and a Website/Blog Update

The Summer Series  -  acrylic on canvas
Scroll down to see each painting at larger scale

Summer is here, as we all know. In the desert, where I live, we had an extended Spring and I was so grateful. But the temps have risen (today will get up to 111F) and now it's time to focus on relaxation and hydration.

This series was an absolute pleasure to paint, a sentimental and nostalgic experience, putting to canvas all my favorite treats of the season. I've made them all available to you, as well. If you are interested in any of these pieces, they are available for sale HERE.

Aside from the heat, Summer also brings with it the completion of my new website. Same url, but different host and slightly different look. The site will roll out this week, and in the coming weeks a shop carrying merchandise and limited edition prints of new, unique works will go live. I will also be moving my blog to the new website. Updates in online newsletter format will go out roughly once per week, no more, and will include links to blog posts as well as new available work.

I will post here to this blog once or twice more after the site has gone live and the first newsletter has gone out, to give everyone a head's up to check their spam folders if they did not receive the newsletter in their inboxes.  After that, this blog will close down and all future updates will be through the website newsletter alone. 

Have a fantastic weekend, Everyone! Talk to you soon. :)

Summer I  -  6"x6"  - acrylic on canvas

Summer II  -  5"x7"  -  acrylic on canvas

Summer III  -  5"x7"  - acrylic on canvas

 Summer IV  -  6"x6"  -  acrylic on canvas