Sunday, January 08, 2017

Happy New Year!!

untitled eggshell study - 4"x4" - oil on hardboard panel - $75 + shipping

First painting of 2017, an untitled cracked eggshell study. It seems humorously appropriate after a tumultuous 2016. I suspect we're all feeling a little cracked and brittle right now.

But it's also a symbol of a fresh, new start. I begin most days with eggs. I enjoy the ritual of preparation and the soft morning light pouring in through my kitchen window while I work at the stove. It's peaceful, and in that peaceful state I can contemplate what I want to accomplish with my day. In this instance, the little eggshell painting symbolizes my moment of contemplation about what I want to create in the New Year.

Happy New Year, everyone!! May your 2017 be filled with promise, success, vitality and love.