Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

 Snapdragons I  -  11"x14" -  oil on canvas  -  $150 + shipping

Ranunculus I  -  12"x12" -  oil on canvas  -  $125 + shipping

Freesia I  -  11"x14"  -  oil on canvas  -  SOLD

Protea I  -  12"x12" -  oil on canvas  -  $125 + shipping

Kicking off my long-overdue return to blogging, I'm offering up four of my favorite floral paintings, and doing so at discounted prices as a courtesy and a thank you to all those who've wondered and waited.

I've received many emails over the past year, asking what I've been up to. "Getting Healthy" has been my reply. It took some time to get back into working order again, but I am now in the studio and producing art, and it feels amazing. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and continued support. It's meant the world to me.