Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Apple Pie Study

Apple Pie Study  -  6"x6"  -  oil on canvas  - $125


Hello, Everyone! I hope your summer is treating you well, so far. And to my friends south of the Equator, I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather. :)

You know the jingle: Baseball, hot dogs, APPLE PIE and........oh, who cares what else? IT'S APPLE PIE SEASON. Perfect time to paint this in honor of one of my favorite warm weather treats.

Also, do you notice how if you get the first slice of a fresh, warm pie, you'll likely be stiffed out of much of the filling? Notice how much is left in the pie tin (see above) after I pulled that first slice out. Right before taking the photo reference for this painting. Right before I scooped all the yummy filling out and piled it on the plate, anyway. One way or another, I'll have the first slice, and it's gonna be a big one!

To purchase Apple Pie Study, please click the following link.