Friday, December 06, 2013

Small Gems - Elliott Fouts Gallery (small works exhibition)

Elliott Fouts Gallery has one last show of the year, a small works exhibition titled Small Gems, running from December 7th through January 2nd. They asked if I might be able to add a few pieces to the show (flattered, as always!) and I obliged. Studies of flowers at 6"x6" seemed appropriate and felt right after months of neon and dinosaurs. I am joined by several other very talented artists, including Michael E. Hockenbury, Craig Stephens, and Micah Crandall-Bear. Honored to be among them.

I will be getting back to floral painting this month, not for any shows in particular, but just because I'm dying to mix it up a bit and experimenting with new ways to paint the subject. Kind of excited. The florals below are not experimental, but they are a refresher course before I dive back in. Funny how daunting a rose petal can be when you haven't painted it in over four months.

Pretty Things I  -  6"x6"  -  oil on canvas

Pretty Things II  -  6"x6"  -  oil on canvas

Pretty Things III  -  6"x6"  -  oil on canvas

All three paintings are available for sale through Elliott Fouts Gallery. For purchase information, please email them directly.