Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Challenge

'Playing with the Queen of Hearts' - 6"x6" - oil on canvas - Jelaine Faunce  

'OXO' -  8"x10" - watercolor - Kathleen Ballard

'Heart Full of Hearts' - 8"x10" - watercolor - Pablo Villicana Lara

'Candy Love' - 6"x6" - oil on canvas - Geraud Staton

Another holiday, another challenge.  I was joined again by very talented artists Pablo Villicana Lara and Geraud Staton, and added a new challenger, the lovely Kathleen Ballard!

For this challenge, we stuck with the Valentine's Day theme and used Sweethearts as our main subject. I hadn't had them since childhood.  They are very tasty! Damnit. But, before I ate them all, I pulled a few from the box to create my painting, based (obviously) on Alice in Wonderland. I hadn't gotten enough of it with my very first Challenge painting back in 2008, titled 'Wonderland.' I decided to revisit it again, this time on canvas, and this time with candy that was not part of a global melamine recall (sigh).

Please click on the links provided above if you have questions for each of the participating artists regarding their challenge paintings.

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