Sunday, February 24, 2013

New ArtBytes

I've got three new tutorials up on DailyPaintworks - a demo for metallic object painting, a demo for glass object painting, and an entry in a collaborative ArtByte on combating artist's block. 

Carol Marine contacted me recently about contributing to a free informational ArtByte on creative blocks; I was happy to oblige. One of the ArtBytes I still have under construction is about the power of photography to inspire creativity and to counter creative lag. In that vein, it seemed like a completely natural segue to write a little bit about a few of my favorite methods, including photography, then pass this on to Carol. I am one of eight artists who shared their insights in this tutorial. Each artist has their own unique approach that I find to be very educational. Check it out when you get the chance: Collective Insight on Blocks*

I have gotten a lot of requests over the years to teach, and among the most common requests is "How do you paint glass the way you do???" My new demo on glass painting covers all the basics. Obviously, the more detailed your glass object, the more complicated and time consuming your painting will be. But, I designed this tutorial to go over the most common issues very carefully so that it will cover a majority of glass subject paintings. 

Six pages and forty jpegs - it's a big'n. My intention in doing this in-depth tutorial is to break down any insecurities artists may have that inhibit them from attempting glass painting. And it's not just about the "what I do", but also the "why I do it", because the more you understand the reasons behind the choices made during the painting process, the more you'll understand the language of your subject matter.  And the more you understand the language of your subject matter, the less it intimidates you. You can view the ArtByte here: Demo: Glass*

As with glass, I hear a lot from people about my metallic object paintings. Most people say painting metal is one of their most difficult challenges. For me, it is one of the easiest and most fun. I can complete just about any metallic subject painting in three passes or less, no matter how detailed. When I share this with others, the universal reply is, "Impossible!" But, I'm serious. And because of these conversations, I've decided to offer a tutorial on my technique to show others that I am not full of &%$#: Demo: Metallic Objects*

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In case any of you are wondering, I paint metallic objects differently than I do glass objects. Some basic techniques overlap, but the foundation layers of each subject differ quite a bit. The more I do these tutorials, the more I realize how much I've learned over the years and over the (gasp! no wonder I'm blind!) hundreds of paintings I've completed. My next tutorials will be on, 1) teacups, and 2) troubleshooting with acrylic underpainting and retouch varnish. Again, different approaches from one another and from metallic and glass.